Ulysses® VR Upper Limb Therapy System

With the Ulysses® VR upper-limb therapy system, users can enjoy performing reward-based Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) in immersive, realistic environments. The system has been clinically-designed to promote greater upper-limb motor function in people with a variety of neurological conditions including stroke, acquired & traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury.

Engaging, immersive & motivating rehabilitation

The Ulysses® system is designed to work with the industry-leading and fully wireless Meta Quest 2 VR headset with hand tracking capabilities, eliminating the need for holding bulky controllers and enabling users with varying strength and ability to enjoy the potential benefits of the system.

Faster recovery

Engaging, rewarding & practical VR therapy is known to enhance neuroplasticity

Designed for minimal hand dexterity

Use your own hands to interact with the virtual therapy environments no need to hold controllers

Build confidence

Practice virtual Activities of Daily Living that are challenging and fun

Simple to setup and use

Our friendly virtual assistant will guide you through every step

Web dashboard therapy session tracking
(Clinicians only)

Track all your clients’ progress over their sessions to determine which therapy to focus on

VR live streaming*
(Clinicians only)

View what your client is seeing in VR in real time on a phone or tablet so they can be assisted if needed

* Wi-fi access required

It’s easy to get started


Receive your fully configured, ready-to-use VR kit


Book your complimentary telehealth training session and we will get you setup


Enjoy self-guided therapy in a clinic or at home

Ulysses is suitable for funding through NDIS, workers compensation & home care packages in Australia

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Anshul Dayal

Co-Founder & CEO

Anshul has over 10 years experience in leading large technical teams in creating leading edge Hollywood content and software, including being a part of the Academy Award winning team to work on blockbuster film, Happy Feet.

Stephanie Ho

Neuromersiv Ambassador

After surviving a severe stroke at 22 years of age, Stephanie has committed her life to improve the healthcare system and easing the burden for other survivors. She currently serves as an Executive Board Member for NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation and is a regular keynote speaker on the topic of stroke and the impact of rehabilitation from a consumer perspective. Stephanie was awarded for her work in 2019 by the National Stroke Foundation.

Dr Jodie Marquez

Clinical & Research

Jodie is a physiotherapist with 20 years of experience in neuro-rehabilitation. She currently serves as Senior Lecturer at the University of Newcastle and has served as Chief Investigator on a number of funded clinical trial studies.

Professor Michael Nilsson

Rehabilitation Innovation

Michael is the Director of the Centre for Rehab Innovations and Global Innovation Chair of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Newcastle. As a senior translational researcher, clinician and leader in Rehabilitation Medicine, he recently established CRI together with an interdisciplinary team of leading researchers and clinicians. CRI engages with industry and public and private healthcare to develop technology-supported solutions for individually-tailored health and rehabilitation programs.

Warren Bingham

Commercialisation & Strategy

Warren is the General Manager of Cicada MedLab and the founder and Executive Chairman of MedTech International. As part of the global executive team to introduce PillCam® to the world, he was instrumental in the company going from startup in 2000 to being sold in 2014 for $1 billion.

Oliver Morton-Evans

Co-Founder & COO

Oliver has 7 years experience in design and project management having run visual effects & VR production studio, pic4 over this time. Prior to this, Oliver served as a digital media producer and designer for global children’s entertainment brand, The Wiggles.