Immersive VR Upper Limb Rehabilitation Therapy System

With the Ulysses VR upper-limb therapy system, patients can enjoy performing reward-based Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) in immersive, realistic environments. Each ADL task has been clinically designed with the goal to enhance engagement, motor recovery and a sense of achievement. All tasks have been carefully integrated with a unique ‘avatar system’ that gently guides the user to successfully perform tasks using text and auditory prompts.

The Ulysses system is designed to work with the industry leading and fully wireless Meta Quest™ 2 VR headset with hand tracking capabilities eliminating the need for holding bulky controllers and enabling patients with varying strength and ability to enjoy potential benefits of the system.

Practical & reward-based activities

Whiteboard Drawing

Users are encouraged to practice their fine motor skills by filling in a shape on a virtual whiteboard, at the end of the task each user is scored based on the approximate range of motion (ROM) of the fingers and wrist with the aim of improving the score as users progress through their VR sessions.


Users can practice activities of daily living such as washing hands, brushing teeth and cleaning the basin in an immersive virtual bathroom combined with a uniquely fun and engaging reward system that is not only novel but also offers potential ability to exercise gross and motor functions.


Undertake fun and engaging kitchen activities like making and drinking a cup of tea, chopping fruit and vegetables, blending a delicious smoothie and spraying a giant worm in the sink that keeps multiplying!

Garden & Practical mini-games

Coming soon!