Neuromersiv is a dedicated, coherent VR rehab & training system for stroke patients. Neuromersiv enables neurotherapists and medical professionals to make brain rehab exercises more fun and emotionally engaging by allowing patients that have suffered strokes and other forms of brain trauma to perform simple, enjoyable day to day daily living tasks using a VR headset.

The system incorporates standalone modules that are gamified, interactive VR experiences with progressive difficulty. Each module can also present per-user, measurable & storable performance tracking to improve patient outcomes. The VR experience can be deployed on a modular platform (think Netflix for brain rehab) which allows the entire system to be unified, seamless and highly accessible. The platform allows for new modules to be added with relative ease.

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TRANS Conference 2018

Neuromersiv was invited to Asia’s leading Healthcare Startup Conference in September. View a snippet of the action, including an interview with our own Ro O’Reilly.

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Neuromersiv is still in early development but get in touch to find out more about the next revolution in engaging brain rehabilitation

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